Assessment of the ecological impact of the extreme storm of Sant Esteve’s Day (26 December 2008) on the littoral ecosystems of the north Mediterranean Spanish coasts


Project CSIC-PIEC 200430E599

On 26th December 2008 an exceptionally severe easterly storm, the strongest registered during the last half century, hit the Catalan coasts (Spanish NW Mediterranean). Wind gusts reached 100 km/h and waves over 14 m were recorded.

In this site you will find the assessment of the impact of that storm on the coastal biota. The assessment is the result of the joint effort of 5 institutions and 45 researchers coordinated by the Centre of Advanced Studies of Blanes (Spanish National Research Council). SUMMARY PDF / FULL REPORT (167MB)

Project coordinators:

Miguel Ángel Mateo Mínguez (

Antoni Garcia-Rubies (