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March 09, 2011



Mediterranean bad sea forecast

The NW Mediterranean sea forecast for the day 09 March 2011 (provided by Meteocat.com)


On Tuesday March 9 for the second time, the CEAB team was jilted when it was planned to go to sea to attach the CEAB's oceanographic buoy to the mooring location at the head of the Blanes canyon. A week earlier, on 02 March, the team also attempted unsuccessfully to deploy the buoy, this caused by the bad rough sea.

At this point, we are expecting the good news to come and tell us the cyclone caused the current bad weather will leave the Mediterranean Sea to less the good weather to pass by.

The Mediterranean Sea is generally referred to as a relatively calmed sea, in particular by those living near the Spanish Atlantic coast. But my experience says that the conditions of the Mediterranean Sea are highly variable and often make our sampling cruises to be postponed or canceled. Here, the sea conditions can change in a narrow space of a few hours and therefore also change our plans.

We have planned a new attempt to tie the buoy at this mooring location for the next week. Hopefully this time Poseidon will let us to meet our goal.

March 17, 2011

Today Thursday 17th March, for the fourth time, the action consisting of attaching the buoy to the mooring line has been postposed. Although the sea conditions near the coast are relatively pleasant (significant waves height of 1.5 m), the telephone information provided by fishermen working offshore in bottom trawerls says that rough sea conditions prevail out there.

Under this circumstances, the working team has decided to pospone this action until good sea conditions will allow a successful buoy deployment.

This means that, for some more days, the oceanographic buoy will remain in safe place at port.

We apologise for any inconvenience this can cause to potential users of this service.

Nixon Bahamon