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Acceso a datos del OOCS desde plataformas europeas // Data access from EU platforms

También se puede visualizar calendario de registro de datos y figuras de algunos datos (en construcción)// You can display operational dates and some data plots (under construction)
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Parámetros ambientales registrados en la Estación OOCS // Environmental parameters measured at the Station OOCS
  • Meteorological data 2 m above sea surface, provided by the buoy instrumentation (every 30 min):
    • Air temperature, wind velocity, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, irradiance (PAR).
  • Oceanographic data provided by the buoy instrumentation(every 30 min)::
    • Temperature, salinity, pressure at nominal 1, 25 and 50m.
    • Dissolved oxygen, turbidity, fluorescence chlorophyll and PAR at nominal 25 and 50 m depth.
    • Horizontal current velocity and direccion from 10 to 100 m depth.
    • Underwater photos and 20 sec videos (in Summer only)
  • Oceanographic data obtained from periodical surveys at the mooring place (every two weeks):
    • CTD profiles for temperature, salinity, pressure, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, fluorescence chlorophyll and PAR from surface to 200 m depth.
    • Bottle data for nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, silicate, chlorophylls (spectrophotometric), picoplankton and bacteria.

Ejemplos de series temporales de datos // Links to examples of time series data

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