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  • Blanes horizon
  • Citizen information.
  • Moored oceanographic buoy
  • In-situ maintenance operations
  • Inductive ctd in the buoy
  • Citizen information
  • Jellyfish
  • Life under the buoy
  • Meteo sensors in the buoy
  • Niskin bottle
  • Oceanographic buoy.
  • Oceanographic buoy
  • Pilot fish shoal at St. OOCS
  • Research boat in port
  • Sampling bottles
  • Submersible fisheye camera
  • Sunfish
  • The Dolores in port
  • Water temperature time series
  • html slideshow
  • OOCS work team
Blanes horizon1 Citizen information.2 Moored oceanographic buoy3 In-situ maintenance operations4 Inductive ctd in the buoy5 Citizen information6 Jellyfish7 Life under the buoy8 Meteo sensors in the buoy9 Niskin bottle10 Oceanographic buoy.11 Oceanographic buoy12 Pilot fish shoal at St. OOCS13 Research boat in port14 Sampling bottles15 Submersible fisheye camera16 Sunfish17 The Dolores in port18 Water temperature time series19 Waterspout off Blanes20 OOCS work team21
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Station OOCS: A permanent Observation Station    


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The St. OOCS is a fixed observation station operating since 2009. It is located at the Blanes canyon head, 2.7 miles offshore (41° 39.7' N; 02° 54.6' E), between Blanes, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar cities.

More than 20 oceanographic time series are fuelled by data collected at the station. The area is of great ecological and economic interest with relatively high biological production including a number of fishing grounds..

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