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¬ Introduction    ¬ Rationale    ¬ Outreach

Marine Observing System (OOCS) in the Catalan Sea Access near-real time data !

  ¬ Introduction

MarinEcoMetrics is a non-official chapter of Environmetrics devoted to marine ecology studies.

The main goal is performing marine ecology research studies based on observing systems and statistical and numerical analyses of ecosystem components and interactions.

In particular, studies within a MarinEcoMetrics framework will contribute to:

— Identify critical ecosystem components and likely significant      interactions.

— Quantify stock and fluxes of matter and energy driving      ecosystems functioning.

— Understand past (i.e. historical data analysis, hindcast      modelling), present (i.e. real time observations) and  future (i.e.      forecast modelling) of marine ecosystems.

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sampling seawater

Pilot fishes in the mooring line of the CEAB's ocenographic buoy in the Catalan Sea, NW Mediterranean


                            ¬ Rationale  


Nitrogen-based biogeochemical model of the pelagic ecosystem


MarinEcoMetrics is an ongoing professional project built from experiences on a number of topical studies on marine biogeochemistry (stocks and fluxes of nitrogen), plankton (phytoplankton biomass) and fisheries ecology.

Hitherto, studies dealing with MarinEcoMetrics cover different space and time scales, and make use of field observations and statistical and numerical modelling tools. Academic and research projects along with scientific papers are provided here.

Historical oceanographic data and numerical ecological tools implemented by several contributors, are available for students and researchers interested in making use of them as a part of their research training programs or research activities in marine ecology and numerical ecology studies.

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  ¬ Outreach

The Heisenberg's uncertainty principle can apply to marine ecosystems nature. Albert Einstein quoted that: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one".

We will never know what exactly and how the interactions between living organisms and the environment take place. However, a good approach to them can be reached. And models can help a lot to that.

Probabilistic uncertainty is a research field to be explored and improved within the framework of numerical simulations in marine ecology models. The present project aims at contributing to this subject matter.

Applying existing numerical and statistical tools often used in other fields such as medicine, sociology, etc. to solve ecological problems can be quite useful.

Developing new numerical and statistical tools and improving the existing ones for answering questions regarding ecological quantities is a subject to be substantially contributed.

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Fuzzy diel structure of benthic species

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